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The most valuable things aren't things.

Some things are more valuable than others, and often the most valuable things are not the material things, but simple and common to everyone life and health. Yours and your loved ones.

So to what extent does our house provide protection? Having broken into your house, how long will the criminals have until law enforcement bodies arrive? What will they do to your family during this time?

As the saying goes, "Healthy paranoia has not harmed anyone yet." Our company offers an impregnable citadel in your house. Absolutely safe place for the whole family protecting absolutely from everything – is a "Safe room".

Panic/Safe Room designed according to the individual needs of the customer will provide comfortable safety. Autonomous life systems can provide a long stay, individual communication channels will help to contact the security service or law enforcement agencies immediately. Security system control center at home arranged in a safe room, will be up to speed on the situation outside.

Valuable people are not only at home. Safe room is useful in the office of the company for protection of the top officials and in the hotel room, where they highly appreciate the safety of the guests.

By the way about valuable things - while there are no residents in a safe room, it can be perfectly used as a reliable place for storage of valuables or weapons.

Amulet-TEK company provides complete secrecy of information about the safe room construction and location!