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Siemens is a world-wide leader in the branch of power plants automation of a different scale. The history of the concern began 160 years ago. The founder of the company in 1847 was German designing engineer Werner Siemens, who had founded the telegraph-building firm "Siemens and Halske." For its long history the Conglomerate Company had been experienced different times, but the progress had always been seeking forward and dynamically developed. Today it is the largest producer of up-to-date multidirectional equipment for automation of the most important life support systems, including those in the field of power plants automation.

Automation of power plants is a combination of measures and a set of specialized equipment aimed at the continuous supply of electricity to enterprises, organizations, commercial and residential premises. The main function of power plants is three-phase qualitative current generation and its transfer to the end user. Automation greatly simplifies the control of such systems and endows them with a long period of effective and trouble-free operation.

There are three main steps in the automation process that ensure the execution of operations:

  • The first step of automation is a manual control of aggregates, stabilization of alternating current, protection of the main generator against overloads, short circuits, overheating. Such option of automation is the most cost-effective solution in case of unplanned outages from the electricity mains.
  • The second step of automation Combines the properties of the first one being complemented with the installation of an automatic standby activation and provides automatic start-up of a power plant. Automation of the second step is suitable for warehouse complexes, for small-scale production, for residential and commercial facilities.
  • The third step of automation includes all the characteristics of the first and the second steps being complemented with an automatic fueling or fuel filling, and provides complex automated interaction of all elements of the energy system.

Systems of power plants automation by Siemens are called Power and Process Automation (SPPA) and include a range of solutions in the branch of design, automation, production of system components and instrumentation. The peculiarity of the energy systems construction by Siemens Conglomerate Company is a comprehensive approach and individual selection for each individual power plant.

The branch of energy is constantly developing; the fundamental modern rule in this branch is the effective use of energy resources. Scientists are relentlessly searching for new solutions to save energy resources and alternative energy sources as the world reserve is large but exhaustible down the line. Specialists-developers of Siemens Company use the latest developments of scientists and their own innovative technologies in the field of wind power producing the equipment for automation. That is why all products are characterized by an improved level of energy efficiency. Siemens Conglomerate Company is engaged in development and research in the field of energy conservation and is the founder of wind power projects development in Russia. Manufactured equipment is fully adapted to the domestic operating conditions.

Siemens Conglomerate Company was the first to offer the society to use a combination of measures and a set of non-standard solutions to improve the efficiency of power plants automation. Combined-type power plants proposed by the company do not release exhaust gases into the atmosphere, they are used for steam generation in steam turbines. As to the date, such systems have the highest energy efficiency indicators, are ecologically-clean for environment and living and are economically viable.

Siemens Power Platform - is a basic concept, on the basis of which all SPPA solutions are implemented and auxiliary software is developed enabling the systems to operate as a single energy organism. The latest and most effective of exploratory studies of Siemens specialists are a software core of Embedded Component Services, which allows simple and noninterface integration of data. Distinctive characteristics of such software is the embedding of data into each object separately, viewing at any level of access, accessibility of information and obtaining of data from a single source.

Automation of power plants by Siemens has a lot of advantages:

  • Years of experience.
  • Use of innovative technologies and modern equipment.
  • Scientific activities in development of alternative energy sources.
  • Use of unique original developments.
  • Durability of service life.
  • Environmental safety.
  • High level of productivity and cost-effectiveness.
  • Balanced price and quality ratio.
  • High indexes of energy saving.