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Level of the premise security is determined by several factors. The most important is the correctness of electrical systems arrangement.

Electricity - is an integral element of modern comfort and life. Electrical installation work is a set of specialized measures aimed at connecting of consumers to the source of electricity. The process includes a whole range of works: assembly and installation of switchboards, stations and substations, installation of lines and cable laying, general optimization of electrical systems depending on the facility scale.

Electrical installation work can be performed both during the construction of the building and during repair works, it is a strict step-by-step process. There are the following interdependent steps of electrical installation work:

  • preparatory stage;
  • basic stage.

Preparatory stage of electrical installation work includes preliminary marking, calculation of the load upon the electrical wires and planning. At this step it is important to get acquainted with the slightest nuances and features of the facility, to study the electrical circuit diagrams carefully. After acquaintance, it is possible to start dismantling of the old electrical wiring (in case if the electrical installation work is repeated), marking according to the plan, mounting of fasteners for electrical equipment, preparation of hubs for sockets, grooves making, grounding and other works. The main point of the preparatory work is the arrangement of routing, which leads to the electrical panel.

The basis of the electrical system is correct marking, it affects the overall functionality, endurance and uninterrupted operation. Marking is carried out strictly according to the project, the locations of sockets, switches and other elements of the system are marked, the wires are laid.

When the preparatory work is completed, there begins the second step of electrical installation work - the main step. It includes direct laying of cables along the prepared routes, optimization of specialized units for electrical equipment connection, installation of the instrument group and devices. It should be noted that the larger the cross-section of the cable is, the heavier load it is able to withstand. The cable can be laid according to open or closed method. The open option consists of cables laying on the surface of walls, as for the closed method, the cable is "hidden" in the walls under the layer of plaster.

After the installation work functionality of the entire electrical system is tested including individual tests, as well as testing of circuit efficiency and safety of the system as a whole. Tests of the electrical system are carried out according to the individual program developed for this project. In some cases electrical installation works is witnessed and certified. Upon testing the system is put into operation.

Electrical installation work must be carried out in a safe mode. The supply of electricity is cut off, all elements are grounded to avoid injury caused by electric shock. It should be noted that the initial electrical installation work during construction of a building is an easier process than the old electrical system replacement.

Electrical installation work must be carried out by professionals. It seems that it's black and white. But, unfortunately, in pursuit of savings some companies and individuals often carry out electrical installation work independently, without the relevant experience and knowledge. Such actions lead to tragic consequences, damaging not only property, but also human lives. In order for the electrical system to work effectively, it is worth applying to professionals. There are a lot of companies on the market that provide electrical installation services and it is always difficult to choose the best one.

You need to choose the company, which:

  • has a staff of highly qualified specialists;
  • uses only high-quality materials;
  • performs electrical installation work strictly within the established deadlines;
  • applies a transparent and fair pricing policy in practice;
  • uses modern technologies and equipment in its work;
  • carries out maintenance of electrical systems.
Safety of electrical systems is guaranteed only under such conditions.