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”A straw shows which way the wind blows..."

Our engineering department not only thoroughly knows all the details of engineering design but also obtains further insight into the specifics of the customer's activities. That's why our company creates networks that serve for years without requiring destructive upgrades.

For companies which do not have any problems with frequent installation (it is not necessary to hollow out new channels in the wall to lay a new cable) and there is no assumption of network flexibility or its expansion (for example, there is no space in the office for arrangement of new workplaces and each workplace is connected to everything necessary) it is possible to save by using different cables for individual communications. "Noodles" for telephony (a simple flat wire) are much cheaper than a twisted pair cable, and a coaxial cable can be used to transfer an image.

If the company plans the network growth or its work provides frequent changes in the structure then it makes sense to arrange a Structured Cable System, which will significantly reduce not only time and money in future, but also will save frustration of the entire collective.

The main idea of SCS is creation of a system (network) of cables in such a way to provide maximum flexibility of IT infrastructure during a long period of time without requiring the installation of new cables.