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There must be the quality of installation!

It seems that you have not scrimped for the cable and everything has been designed correctly, and a staff electrician has done everything according to the picture and the network slowdowns or does not work all the same.

Installation is carried out by stages:

  • laying of cable ways - is proper preparation of the places of cable installation. Different options of cable ways are used depending on the conditions. If the final finishing has not been done in the site of installation yet - the chases (shallow channels in the wall) are chipped out. If the finishing is completed, then the plastic box is installed. Modern plastic baseboards have a cavity in which the cable can be laid out (although not so much can be placed there). Suspended ceilings allow horizontal cable routings to be laid without interference in the interior. In a situation when you cannot hide the cable and interference in the interior is highly undesirable, it can be laid along the outer wall of the building, in the box or in the corrugated pipe.

  • marking and laying of the cable in the ways. Carefulness and accuracy can significantly reduce this stage.

  • installation and connection of sockets, assembly and installation of racks, cabinets. If a full-fledged server-room is provided, then uninterruptible power systems, ventilation equipment, etc. are also mounted.

  • testing is the final phase of installation work. Check for hidden defects and signal quality is carried out.

Cable installation must be carried out by our specialists. It will reduce the costs for network servicing and upgrading in future.