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The modern world of the nanotechnologies evolution of dictates its own rules including those in the sphere of security. One of the methods of protection is a video surveillance system. Installation of such a system has a lot of advantages; the main ones are as follows:

  • It is a factor of protection against possible damage, only the presence of cameras can prevent illegal intruder's actions.
  • Significant increase of labor productivity. Lack of discipline, laziness and shirking from work cannot escape from the sharp camera’s eye. To improve the efficiency of work and to motivate conscientious fulfillment of duties, the companies’ management often makes a decision to install video surveillance systems.
  • Video surveillance systems as a way of marketing control. It is relevant for shopping centers and supermarkets. First of all, it is a possibility to understand which goods are chosen more often, to understand the mood in order to improve purchasing power.
  • Increase of alarm efficiency. The display demonstrates whether an alarm is false or there is a precedent.
  • Assistance in detection of crimes of various severity. Video cameras clearly record the facts of offenses or the record can be a proof of innocence.

Video surveillance systems are a set of specialized hi tech equipment, they include video recorders, cameras, systems of visual signals transmission, centralized control systems and other means. The "eyes" of the entire system - video cameras - are of particular importance. Their characteristics determine the main purpose:

  • external or internal installation;
  • type of information processing (network or analog video signal);
  • wire or wireless video-data transmission.

The main classification of video surveillance systems is as follows:

  • Remote video surveillance. Allows to receive video information at a remote distance by means of specially dedicated channels or via Internet.
  • Wireless video surveillance. The transmission of information takes place via radio channels, GSM and WiFi technologies, special protocols. This option cannot be fully considered to be remote; it all depends on the channels of information transmission.
  • Network IP-video surveillance. The modern type of video systems, which is actively gaining popularity due to its expanded capabilities. Information processing in this case is carried out by means of digital technologies. Such a video system is built on the principle of a computer network and can be variable depending on the amount of information received and arrangement nuances. IP-systems are flexible enough and amenable to modernization, arrangement of such systems requires rational approach for not to overload them with excessive functionality.
  • Hidden video surveillance. This option is possible but subject to proviso of legislation. Technically hidden systems do not have any special difficulties, but the decision is made only according to a number of laws, for example, invasion of the right of privacy or the prohibition to use technical control means.
  • Video surveillance as an addition to the security system.

As stated above, the main functionality of such systems is video cameras, which provide the system with certain capabilities. There are such variations of cameras:

  • Box cameras - is a modern type of cameras with a wide range of capabilities (lens changing, different modes of operation, excellent video quality).
  • Modular cameras - the lens is located on the board, such cameras have small dimensions, which allows them not to attract attention in the interior.
  • Dome cameras - are a subspecies of modular cameras but it is enclosed in a special case. They are fastened to the ceiling space in most cases.
  • Miniature cameras - are small cameras that are completely invisible to the naked eye. The image quality does not depend on the small size and has rather high clarity. They are often used in hidden video surveillance systems.
  • Video door viewers. The camera looks like a door viewer. The main advantage of such a camera is a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees. All others have viewing of not more than 90 degrees.

It is not just fashionable but also convenient to keep up with the rapidly developing technological progress. Video surveillance systems are not an exception. It is proved that the most effective are video surveillance systems over the Internet. You can easily carry out video control anywhere in the world on-line.

Choosing any of the video surveillance systems it is important to start from several decisive moments: to determine correctly the goals and work scope, the location of the main elements, the scale of the surveyed object. The decision on the choice of systems, subsequent commissioning, installation and maintenance is carried out by a specialist with experience and advanced knowledge. It will help to avoid unnecessary financial costs, ensure effective and long-term functioning. When choosing a specialized firm you need to rely on its experience, availability of professionals in this field, positive feedback, fair pricing, provision of warranty and post-warranty servicing, general decency.